What is Mifiel?

Mifiel is the leading platform in Mexico designed for the management and digital signing of contracts. Its purpose is to simplify and secure the electronic signature process in one place, offering an optimal user experience for both signers and work teams. Some of its main features and functionalities are:

  • Simple or Advanced Electronic Signature: The platform allows users to choose between advanced electronic signatures made with e.signature and simple electronic signatures with robust identity verification.

  • Collaborative Management: Mifiel facilitates collaborative contract management with organizational accounts. Users can specify the order in which different participants must approve or sign a document. Additionally, the platform takes care of sending automated reminders to ensure approvals and signatures are made on time.

  • Flexible REST API: For those looking for deeper integration, Mifiel offers a REST API that adapts to different workflows, allowing the integration of the signing experience on websites, workflow automation, and document generation from templates.

  • Digital Endorsable Promissory Note: Mifiel is recognized as the most reliable digital promissory note solution in Mexico, backing more than $450M USD in structured debt. [Page 6]

  • Bank-Level Security: Security is a priority for Mifiel. The platform offers a turnkey solution for end-to-end encrypted documents, ensuring that only the user and their signers can access the contract content.

  • Additional Features: Mifiel offers a variety of additional features that enrich the user experience, such as:

    • Date certain.
    • Mobile application.
    • Customized signature reminders.
    • Massive signature.
    • Document tags.
    • XML verifier.
    • Automated flows.
    • Branding.
    • Document approvals.
    • Integrations.

With Mifiel, businesses and professionals can rely on a secure and efficient digital solution to manage and sign contracts.