How can I get my e.firma (FIEL)?

This article explains how to obtain the e.firma (FIEL).

If you have never obtained the e.firma (formerly FIEL), you revoked it or it has already expired, the only way to obtain it is in person at a SAT office. Mifiel is a private company, so we cannot help you to obtain it.

If you already have it, but it is about to expire, you can renew it online if you have the e.firma files and its password.

As of June 22, 2020, the e.firma for individuals that has expired can be renewed online as long as its expiration date is not more than one year, through the Mexican Government's SAT ID tool. Learn about the requirements and renew it from the SAT ID portal.

In the case of the expired e.firma of a legal entity, as of June 2021 the SAT enabled the option to renew it online.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The first thing to do is to make an appointment at the SAT, there are two options:

  • By phone at 55 627 22 728.
  • Or the most advisable, by accessing the SAT web page. Within the SAT appointments page, you must complete the registration.

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When you finish, you will receive an appointment confirmation in your email. It is best to print it or write down the appointment number and confirmation number.

The requirements to get your FIEL are the following:

  • Original valid official identification (INE or Passport).
  • CURP, you can retrieve it here (In case of legal entity, present original Acta Constitutiva (Articles of Incorporation) or certified copy).
  • Original proof of address (preferably electricity and water, not older than 3 months).
  • Storage device (USB or CD).
  • To have an email address.

Check that your storage device is in good condition to ensure the security of your information.

On the day of your appointment...

Locate the module where your appointment is. Be cautious and arrive 5 minutes in advance, otherwise your appointment may be cancelled. Remember that if you miss two appointments in less than a month, the SAT will not be able to provide you with the appointment service for 30 calendar days.

Once you are at the SAT, take into account that other people will also be doing paperwork, so inside the offices, the waiting time is different for each person.

  1. First, a SAT executive will verify the Folio of your appointment and will tell you which area you should go to.
  2. It is important that you keep an eye on the screens, as they will show your turn number and the number of the cubicle where you will be attended (don't be absent for too long, as you could miss your turn!)
  3. Once it is your turn, SAT personnel will assist you to complete the process. This executive will check your documents against the information that appears in the system and, if required, will update your information.
  4. In this process, the most important moment is when you are asked to enter a password, which will serve as access to your private key. Write it down and keep it in a safe place.
  5. Then you will be provided with your private key (the file ending in .key) and a requirement file (.req) that will be saved on your storage device.
  6. You will wait again for your turn to go to another section, where they will digitalize your documentation and your autographic signature. They will take your fingerprints, as well as a photograph of your face and your irises.
  7. At the end, they will save your Digital Certificate (file name ending in .cer) in your storage device, which will conclude your process with the SAT.

In case of losing the generated password, you will not be able to have access to the private key and for security reasons they cannot be recovered. If this should happen, you will have to revocate your current e.firma Certificate in order to generate a new one.