Do the documents signed in Mifiel comply with NOM 151?

Yes, all documents signed in Mifiel include a Record of Data Integrity in accordance with NOM 151, issued by a PSC (Trust Service Provider) duly accredited for such purpose by the Mexican Secretariat of Economy.

As a result, documents signed in Mifiel and the electronic signatures themselves have a presumption of integrity. In addition, the NOM 151 certificate gives the document a date certain, a requirement of the SAT and Mexico's National Law of Extinction of Ownership.

What is a Record of Data Integrity?

It is an electronic receipt electronically signed by a PSC. It is issued as follows:

  1. The PSC receives the hash of a data message. In the case of Mifiel, we send the hash of a digital document with electronic signatures.
  2. The PSC adds to the document the exact date and time it received the hash, i.e., it issues a time stamp. The date and time are obtained from the atomic clock of Mexico's National Metrology Center and, in accordance with NOM-151 and international standards, are expressed in UTC time.
  3. Finally, using a public certificate and private key for advanced electronic signature, the PSC signs the hash together with the time stamp and sends the result to the requester (in this case Mifiel).