Can I implement the signing flow directly on my website?

Yes, you can integrate the Mifiel widget through our REST API, contact us to get this feature.

Customizable widget elements

  • Colors: one color for all flow buttons, one for the active step outline and one for all flow links.
  • Length and width of the screen where it will be displayed. To avoid usability problems, the minimum recommended height is 600 px. Regarding the width, if it is less than 767 px, a compact version will be displayed thanks to the responsive design.
  • The values of the label and the URL of the button in the success screen and the error screens (only if enabled, by default they are not shown).
  • Show or not the expiration date (by default not shown).
  • Show or not the support chat (by default not shown).
  • Show or not the creator's information and message (by default not shown).

Non-customizable widget elements

  1. Footer "Electronic Signature by Mifiel".
  2. Hide the link to download the document. It will always be displayed.
  3. All copies.*
  4. Copies and visual treatment of errors.*

*Except button values in error screens and success screens.