I was invited to sign but I don’t see the document in the "My documents" section

What can you do if you received an email invite to sign, but you don’t see the document in the documents table after logging into your Mifiel account?



There are two possible causes. Here you can see what you can do in each case.

a) The invite was sent to the wrong email address

It is possible that the email invite was sent to an email you don’t have registered in Mifiel. Ask the person that invited you to sign to confirm this information. If necessary, ask them to edit your signer information and change your email address to the email address that you use to log into Mifiel.

To avoid this situation in the future, we recommend you add your other email address as an additional email (alias) to your Mifiel account. This way, no matter which of your email addresses is sent the signing invite, you will be able to visualize the document in your account.

b) You were added as a viewer

It is possible that the document manager added you as a viewer instead of adding you as a signer. When this happens, the document is not added to your “My documents” section since your signature is not needed. Make sure you were correctly added as a signer.